Weight Management

weight1.jpgA groundbreaking 14-year study by Purina researchers showed that dogs fed to an ideal body condition throughout their lives had a median life span of 1.8 years longer and were considerably healthier. Although the dogs in the study generally developed the same chronic conditions as they aged, treatment for those conditions was delayed approximately two years for the lean-fed dogs.

What can be done?
We offer several different solutions for overweight pets. Your pet should be evaluated before starting a diet plan. You as an owner play an important part in the success of weight management.

Prescription diets for weight loss have been on the market for years. We recommend Purina OM Diet. OM can play a significant role in managing overweight dogs. It contains high levels of protein to stimulate metabolism and promote fat loss while maintaining lean muscle. It also has low levels of fat and calories to encourage weight loss, and an appropriate level of fiber to help your dog feel satisfied after eating. Another important consideration is that dogs love the taste. Lite Snackers® Canine Treats are a perfect complement when feeding OM. advice on a weight control program for your pet.